Monday, January 4, 2010

From the Beginning...

They met in October of 2007, but didn't really take notice of each other's awesome-ness and attractive-ness until February of 2008.
March 25th marked the day of their very first date (a picnic in the park). And that sparked the beginning of a unique kind of relationship. Later that year a split occured. But only to result in a reuniting in March of 2009 when Robert proposed unexpectly on the 7th after a spur of the moment dinner and trip to the beach...she said yes.

After months of planning preparations they were united eternally on the 18th of July, 2009 in the San Diego Temple. This union was the start of what is now known (as of today) as The Funktastic Faulkner Family.

The union caused them to combine their awesome-ness and attractive-ness...beware! blinding may occur.


  1. So be honest...who wrote this first entry?

  2. I wrote the first entry. Why? I thought it was funny. I little superhero..a little Kung Fu Panda.